​​It's not how many goals we score, it's how many lives we touch!


The Colorado sled hockey Warriors strive to build a community of support improving the quality of life for Veterans with disabilities by promoting good physical, emotional and mental well-being through sledhockey.

Puck It Up!!!


It is our vision to have fewer soldiers with disabilities sitting at home with no physical or mental outlet due to their injuries.

2013: A Group of Warriors started playing on the ice, to help overcome physical, and non-physical injuries.
2014: The team formalized into an organization, and was named the Colorado Patriots Sled Hockey.  The Patriots competed in their first Mid Western Sled Hockey tournament, where they finished 3rd in their Division.

2015: In February, the organization partnered up under Colorado Sled Hockey, and was officially affiliated with the Colorado Avalanche NHL Team.  The team was offered the Warrior Avalanche name and accepted.  April, the Warriors sent 4 players to assist the Denver Avalanche  B Division team, to compete in the National Disabled Hockey Tournament in Buffalo, NY.  The Av's took the National Championship in their Division with the help of our Warriors.

2015-2016: The Warrior Avs sent a couple of players at a time to play with the Avalanche B team in some games throughout the season as well as the NHL Sled Hockey Classic in Florida. The Warriors were invited as a team to play in the Coors Stadium Series and competed as a team at the Disabled Festival in Detroit placing 4th in the Liberty Division.

2016-2017 Season: The Warriors hockey season begins in September and will play as a team in the Pacific Sled Hockey League, where there will be 4 tournaments. A month after the League Tournament the Warriors will be traveling to California for Disabled Festival.



Our History